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If you are here for the first time, you should know the steps to work with the site

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ינשוף טופ-אדיו גיימז

Top-Edu games offers educational content on various technology platforms, while the purpose of which is to transform the learning process into a fun and empowering experience.

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Stage one: installing minecraft education

Please note, this is not the classic Minecraft but the educational version, which allows to play in supervised and adapted worlds that include educational content.
To learn more about the devices that support the software and installation instructions, click here

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ינשוף טופ-אדיו גיימז

Stage two: download the activity from the site

The site has various lesson plans on a variety of topics, in mcw format (a file type that can only be opened on the computer if a Minecraft for education is installed)

ינשוף טופ-אדיו גיימז

Stage three: Login to activity using a username and password

You can sign up for the activity with office 365 education username and password, or purchase a user from us for a year.

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ינשוף טופ-אדיו גיימז

Teacher? school principal? educator?

f you want to integrate techno-pedagogical tools in the curriculum, teach the students with Minecraft or lead dedicated programs, you can reach us for consultant. We have rich experience in performing urban and school projects. As part of any collaboration, relevant content from the site will be available to all participants.

  • • Game development or lesson plans according to a prepared pedagogical plan
  • • Teachers and students training
  • • Operation and maintenance of Minecraft Education servers
  • • Establishing pedagogical programs according to idea or purpose
  • • Templates ready to use for lessons plans in Minecraft for Hebrew and Arabic education
  • • Pedagogical support throughout the activity
ינשוף טופ-אדיו גיימז

Parents or students?

On the site you will find lesson plans available to you for free home activities in various subjects and languages. Some content is available at no cost and some are restricted to premium subscribers only. Please be sure to follow the one-step installation steps so you can have fun and play with no limit.

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Any questions left?

Please fill in the contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Be sure to keep contact information available, and expand as far as possible on the subject of your inquiry. In addition, you can contact us by phone at +972- 077-7573393 Sunday-Thursday 9am-5pm