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Lesson plans in various fields and experiential activities, on the kids’ popular game platforms!

Rosh Hashana minecraft game
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Rosh Hashana

Tangible and experience-filled game in Minecraft education which includes exercises and riddles about the holiday.

!Short demo of the game, play for free

specialize in gamification of the learning process

Our specialty is to create experiential learning with an emphasis on pedagogical goals, on a familiar and favorite platform for children

Integrating Microsoft Technologies into Learning

As longtime partners of the leading company. We develop and implement advanced learning tools

Integration of pedagogical elements in the fields of science

As part of a collaboration with the Davidson Institute, we created educational games in the fields of chemistry and science teaching.

Israel's legacy to the Jewish community

We have transformed the heritage studies and knowledge of Israeli holidays into experiential, empowering and educational games.

Leading along with us


Soon! learning games in the popular platform ROBLOX

Davidson Institute

Development of science teaching content in collaboration with Davidson Institute of Science Education

microsoft silver partner

As business partners, we carry out educational technology projects on Microsoft platforms

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Our curricula and training programs are recognized by the Ministry of Education.

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We specialize in developing training methodologies in an educational version of the popular game

Playing with the periodic table

Top-Edu pedagogical development in collaboration with Davidson Institute of Science Education, Weizmann Institute of Science’s educational arm.

What is the periodic table? What materials are in it? And where does it meet us in our daily lives? In honor of the 150th anniversary of this year’s periodic table, we have developed an experiential game in Hebrew within the 3D world of Minecraft that will answer all of these questions and more! The game is tailored to the 8th grade curriculum.

מכון ויצמן למדע ומכון דוידסון לוגו
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