The Hanukkah Game in Minecraft education

hunukkah in minecraft activity

As the representative of the Microsoft’s educational sector in Israel and a leader in the field of “gamification in learning”, Top-Edu invites you to download and play the Hanukkah Questionnaire, in an educational, supervised and controlled Minecraft setting. Throughout the game, students need to light the Minecraft Hanukkiya by solving different riddles and questions about […]

Tel Aviv-Jaffa Quiz

yaffa quiz

Elementary school students in Tel Aviv learn about the school and the city through exploration and development at Minecraft. As part of the venture the students tour the city, neighborhoods and main points of interest. After, the students create school worlds and orientation map in their urban space, with accommodations for the different populations. Top Edu Games has built the right platform, trained project educators, controls and operates the world remotely and gives full support to all users.

Israeli Cyber Championship

Israeli Cyber Championship

The national competition takes place every year in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, which includes about 350,000 students from around the country in about 2000 schools, in which students are exposed to scientific-technological learning fields such as programming, mathematics, robotics, engineering and electronics. For this project, Top-Edu developed a competitive game with over 50 different Minecraft exercises that include the basics of rising difficulty, developing algorithmic thinking, solving complex puzzles and more

Petah Tikva 140th anniversary celebrations with Minecraft

On the occasion of the festivities the municipality initiated a unique pedagogical program with Minecraft for learning the city history. The students built the Petah Tikva of the past, present and future as part of a competition between schools. Top-Edu built the platform, guided the students and the professional team and accompanied the project all the way. The project is initiated by BETA school: the district space for innovation in Petah Tikva municipality.

Ramat Gan Urban Renewal Project

Ramat Gan Urban Renewal Project

At three top schools in Ramat Gan, this year, students learned about urban renewal through the education-based Minecraft platform. As part of the program, students were exposed to their surroundings and explored it through field trips. At the end, the students produced a final product within the Minecraft, which articulated their learning process by building in 3D

Hof Hasharon Minecraft project

hof hasharon

The Hasharon Coast Local Council students learned about the Localities in the Council history by playing with the educational Minecraft game. Students from different schools in the locality met once a week and founded together locality 3-D models with Minecraft from its inception to today. Liat Eliassaf lead the project in the pedagogical aspect and Top-Edu guided the project professionally and technologically. Top Edu games built the study infrastructure based on related services and guided the project and its participants all the way.

Rosh Hashana minecraft game

Rosh Hashana minecraft game

This year, students in Israel and in the Jewish diaspora can enjoy a tangible and experience-filled game of Minecraft which includes exercises and riddles about the holiday. The students need to complete the world journey that was built for them only when answering right on the holiday signals questions while playing. This game is appropriate […]